Pillar 2-in-1 Earrings – Charcoal + Brass


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These powerful, timeless convertible earrings are a dramatic combination of pottery and metal contrast. The bold charcoal base is crafted by Campfire Pottery and serves as a canvas for the spike brass studs, hand-forged by master metalsmiths in Nepal. Earrings can be worn with ceramic piece behind the ear of in front. Metal stud can be worn on its own. No two styles are the same as each piece of pottery reacts differently when it’s fired. 

This piece is a part of the Campfire Pottery X MULXIPLY collaborative jewelry collection. Each item in this collection was carefully handcrafted by master artisans: the metals in Nepal and the ceramics in Westbrook, ME.

  • Materials: Brass + Charcoal
  • Brass Stud: Approximately 0.5 inches long x 0.1 inches wise with a slight taper
  • Charcoal Pillar: Approximately 1.5 inches long
  • Made entirely by hand, slight variations make each piece truly one of a kind


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